Welcome to Eyra Care

Eyra Care by Physician's Choice is a cosmo-ceutical range designed to combat the signs of aging, cosmetic skin problems (such as sun-damage and pigmentation) and acne.

Created by Dr Caswell and Dr Marcells this skin care range is well priced, using world class bio-medical technology to find solutions to every day skin problems.

Programs are designed to target specific issues; alternatively individual products can be used to enhance your existing skin care program.

  • Ant-Aging

    Everyone wants to maintain their natural vibrant skin. With the help of Eyra Care Anti-Aging regime individuals can benefit from high potency formulations containing 1% Retinyl and Lipo-Chromin 6.

  • Acne

    Acne is a combination of infection, inflammation, sebum production, poor exfoliation and hormonal influences. It appears during adolescence but can continue well into the mid-twenties.

  • Cleansers

    Your personal preference of cleanser is catered for; the Eyra Care Crème Cleanser has been made in the style of cold crème; it is suitable for makeup and cleansing the skin.