Your personal preference of cleanser is catered for; the Eyra Care Crème Cleanser has been made in the style of cold crème; it is suitable for makeup and cleansing the skin. A favorite in winter when humidity drops and the skin becomes dry and irritable.

Alternatively if you are a fan of gel cleansers, the Eyra Care Daily Cleanser may be your preference, effectively cleanses the skin and removes makeup.

The Anti-Acne Cleansing Scrub is an all in one exfoliant and cleanser for those with acne prone skin. Use with a back strap to remove dry flaky skin and blackheads from the back.

Eyra Care 3Fx Range

3Fx are supplementary high intensity treatment products designed to compliment any skin regime. The Eyra Care 3FxEye Gel helps to de-puff and smooth the delicate region around the eye. The Eyra Care 3Fx Treatment Crème can be used at least once a week to boost your anti-aging results, both are packed with soothing and smoothing elements to help improve your complexion's vitality.

Eyra Care Copper Eye Crème

The Eyra Care Copper Eye Crème utilizes the soothing ability of copper to promote healthy skin around the eye, can be used daily or as an intensive treatment.

Eyra Care Day Serum and Cream

These products are designed to provide a moisturizing barrier between your skin and the external world. These non-sticky formulations are ideal for use with all serums and treatment products.